Jon Fabritius

Professionally, I’m a designer/developer hybrid based in Helsinki, Finland.

I’m currently working at Aalto University’s Aalto Studios, helping students, researchers and staff solve their online communication needs in the best possible way. While the University provides many central platforms already, I typically focus on supporting more experimental indie projects and prototypes. The pieces that don't fit.

This means strategical coaching, interaction design consultation, help with technology choices and the occasional development of tools ourselves.

As a service, I simply try to provide lots of time and care through personal guidance and tutored hands-on learning. It works both ways; the university context is an amazing place to gain insight on emerging things and be motivated by enthusiastic people.

If you need to refocus your thinking on topics such as software design and development, user experience and interaction, or internet culture, I’m occasionally available for consultation gigs. Not sure? You can get a half hour trial for the price of buying me a cup of good coffee ☕️


For random chatter, you can find me on Threads and for messaging, I prefer Messenger.

Actually, I mostly post on Instagram. Words aren't always needed.

And if all else fails, there’s email;